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See what clients have to say about their own lawn care experiences with Lawns Unlimited.

Lawn Care Company Success Stories

Clients Share Their Positive Experiences

Choosing the right lawn care company makes a significant difference in the health and quality of your landscape. Your lawn care professional should be knowledgeable, skilled and friendly throughout the course of your lawn care and landscaping program.

Numerous clients reach out to us to share stories of their positive experiences working with Lawns Unlimited. See what past and current clients have to say:

Successful Well Installation

"When we built our house more than twenty years ago, you installed our new lawn. While we were pleased with the turf, we recently sought many estimates for a new lawn installation, an irrigation system and a well. Once again, it became clear that Lawns Unlimited would be the best choice for the job.

On May 28th, I signed a contract with you to install an irrigation system and well, and for maintenance lawn care applications. Today is June 7th and my wife and I are already pleased with the results of the first application to our existing lawn.

The well was installed yesterday. I'm writing this note so that you know how pleased my wife and I are with the well driller’s professional, efficient and accommodating manner when installing our well. It is also reassuring that Donald has made himself available to answer any and all of our questions and he seems to always be available to us.

We're now looking forward to the benefits of having Lawns Unlimited install an irrigation system and for routine maintenance on our lawn."

- C. D.L.


Dedicated Irrigation System Technicians

"Our irrigation system startup visit from Lawns Unlimited was a pleasure. Our technician inspected each zone, sprinkler head and drip line, telling me about the ins and outs of it all as I followed him around. You must feel very fortunate to have an employee with such dedication, skill, integrity and dependability."

- P.H.

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Pride In Your Lawn Care Company

"The neighbors were very pleased with the nice job that was accomplished, but more so with the cleanup that followed. You have made our home beautiful and we are very proud to hang your sign in our yard."

- R.H.


No More Mosquitoes

"I am writing in regards to my recent purchase of the MistAway system from you. Two years ago, my wife and I retired and moved to Delaware. Our house is a nice ranch with a large deck nestled in a wooded area.

Up to now, we have been unable to enjoy our house because all sorts of insects have been attacking us. We both had to seek medical help a couple of times and all of our entertaining had to be done indoors. I have used all the standard insect remedies on the market without much result.

When I first heard your ad about the MistAway system and what it could do I was a bit skeptical about the claim, so I did a lot of research.

I found the MistAway system to be an excellent product that is well constructed. Lawns Unlimited also had a very good reputation.

After I contacted Lawns Unlimited, I received a prompt visit to my house and was provided with a thorough and detailed proposal. Due to the fact that you provided a 90-day trial period to get the system to effectively address my problem, I signed the contract.

Having spent my career in the home improvement industry as a manager, I was very impressed with the installation you provided.

The installation was timely and handled very professionally by your installers. They both showed a lot of respect for my property; they were very neat and courteous. They spent the time to explain the system to me and address any questions that I had.

The system has worked very well since installation and the bugs have all disappeared. I like the flexibility that the system has, especially the remote, to change settings as the conditions warrant.

I have had several events out on the deck and all of my friends who attended were impressed with the MistAway system. In fact, I am out on our deck now writing this letter.

I highly recommend the MistAway system and your company. As with any home improvement purchase, it represents an investment in your home. When I consider the quality of life improvement that this has provided, both health wise and with the use of the outdoors, it was a very worthwhile purchase."

- J. Brian Stewart



High-Quality Professional Service

"You did a wonderful job. They were friendly, professional, neat and highly skilled. We are truly Lawns Unlimited fans."

- C & M

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